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Wes Bates

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I’m constantly asked why I moved to Fayetteville. It’s sometimes hard to articulate, but in short, Fayetteville combines the best parts of the places I’ve lived.

Growing up in Colorado taught me to appreciate the outdoors. It’s where I learned how to ride a road bike, and it’s where I ran my first marathon.

Going to school in Indiana taught me about racing bikes. It also made me appreciate college towns.

Spending a summer in Birmingham, Alabama allowed me to feel the hospitality of the South. In Birmingham, I trained for two separate cross country bicycle rides, riding for countless hours in the southern Appalachians.

Moving closer to Nashville, Indiana made me realize that I don’t have to be in Colorado to have access to great mountain biking and trail running. It’s where I bought my first gravel bike and learned to appreciate what’s in my backyard.

Our house in Nagoya, Japan was the first home my wife and I shared together. We learned how important community is to us and how much more you can see when you explore by foot.

When I take the time to explain, it’s easy to see why we chose Fayetteville.

I used to think that my social life had to be separate from my work life. Real estate allows me to bring those two worlds together. My background in corporate finance working for a large Japanese company taught me a few things: how to get deals done, relationship building, the importance of listening and deeply understanding the problem before taking action. I’m always looking forward to meeting new people and listening to what problems they are trying to solve.